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Services for Veterinarians

In Office Service

Dr. Rhea Dodd's behavioral knowledge and integrative pain management services are proven to be valuable adjunct to many general veterinary practices. The following services are available to help you keep your patients healthy and happy:

Integrative Pain Management, utilizing evidence-based medicine

  • Acupuncture: Decrease pain and improve circulation and healing
  • Massage and Range of Motion: Promote circulation, mobility and cartilage nutrition
  • Nutritional Therapy: Weight management and safe, natural anti-inflammatories
  • Therapeutic Exercise: Specific strengthening protocols

Behavioral Medicine, utilizing scientifically-based protocols: By veterinary referral only

  • Behavioral Diagnosis and Humane Treatment: restore pet-guardian bond
  • Risk Assessment: evaluate pet temperament and behavioral prognosis
  • Pharmacological Intervention: decrease anxiety and aggression
  • Free Consultation with referring DVMs


Gentle Vet workshop series trains veterinary staff on a wide range of holistic veterinary medicine topics from behavior, nutrition and acupuncture to waiting and treatment room protocol and environment.

Gentle Vet excels at forging solid partnerships with vets, pet suppliers and animal care professionals.

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  • Rhea helps my clients with a variety of canine and feline behavior problems, including aggression, and complicated multi-cat inappropriate urination. Rhea effectively communicates with me, my clients and is a pleasure to work.
    -Lynn D'Agostino D.V.M.
  • I send my clients to Gentle Vet when medication may be needed. I know I can refer my client to Dr. Dodd and they will receive compassionate and professional care from her.
    - Lisa Sickles, APDT Certified dog trainer

Dr. Rhea Dodd and Gentle Vet - A Metro Denver, Colorado Veterinary Acupuncture
and Behavior Practice Dedicated Exclusively to your Pet's Comfort and Happiness.

IVAS and CSU certified in Veterinary Acupuncture :: IVCA Certified in Veterinary Chiropractic